My First...

Will you start something this year?

First Time Getting Healthy

Is this you?
This is my first time trying to make a change. This is my first time trying to be healthy. Where do I start? Who do I talk to?

We’ve got your back. It doesn’t matter if you’re out of shape. Or if you’re older. Or have no experience. We teach you the basics. Working out. Eating. Getting better sleep. And we’ll teach you how to apply those basics a little bit every day. So they’ll last. So they’ll stick with you for a lifetime.

Get Healthy

First Pull-up

Is this you?
I’ve been trying so hard to get my first pull-up. I’ve been trying like crazy to build strength. Where do I go from here? How do I turn my attempts into results?

A plan and a coach. Together, we’ll build a plan to achieve the result you want. If it’s getting that first pull-up, we’ll work through pull-up progressions. We’ll start with rowing, using elastic bands, and building up pulling strength. And we’ll practice technique, muscle engagement, and momentum. Your success is our success.

First Pull-up

First Group Class

Is this you?
I’ve always worked out alone in a traditional gym. I’ve used machines and free weights. How do I know CrossFit Group classes are right for me?

We still use machines, barbells, and dumbbells. You’ll row, bike, and run. And you’ll squat, deadlift, and press. Your coach will lead you through the warm-up. They’ll also provide instruction for any movements you’ve never done before (examples – the clean and jerk or the box jump). And they’ll give you cues during the workout. You’ll see unbelievable results. You’ll get stronger. You’ll lose weight (if you want to). And you’ll meet honest and hard-working folks who genuinely want to see you improve.

Try a class

This year, put your “my first” into action.