CrossFit Teens

A CrossFit Program specifically tailored for youths and teenagers

The CrossFit Vertex Teens Program is a set of group-based CrossFit classes specifically designed for teens ages twelve to seventeen.  Its structure is quite different than our traditional CrossFit Kids classes.  It more closely resembles our Adult CrossFit:  purposeful warm-up, detailed instruction, 15 – 30 minute workout, and sometimes a cash out / cool down.

Our CrossFit Teens Program includes:

  • Four teen-only classes:  Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday @ 6PM and Saturday mornings @ 9AM.  These classes are instructed by CF-L2/L1 (CrossFit Level-2/Level-1) trainers who have experience working with teenagers and youths through organized sports, fitness camps, and CrossFit classes
  • The CrossFit Methodology includes barbell and body weight movements.  In a typical CrossFit class you’ll find Power and Olympic lifts (squats, jerks, etc.), gymnastics based movements (pull-ups, static holds, etc.), and various bounding plyometrics (jumping to boxes, jump rope, etc.).
  • Each class begins with a purposeful warm-up followed by detailed and drill-based instruction.  The warm-up is intended to work the muscles that will be used during the workout.  We drill barbell movements with light PVC pipe and each compound lift is broken down into smaller, manageable sections.  Each section is drilled before adding load.  All gymnastics and bounding movements are distilled as well.  Examples – we work through dead hangs and kip swings for pulling movements and step-ups to shorter boxes for jumping movements.
  • The safety of our teenagers and youths is paramount.  We always focus on sound fundamentals and mechanics.

Why should my youth or teenager practice CrossFit?

  • Prioritizing health and fitness is something that should be instilled at an early age.  Good habits formed earlier in life are often good habits found later in life.  And it’s a great excuse to get off the couch or out from behind the PlayStation.
  • Working with a coach in a structured way, with other youths and teens helps build personal discipline and accountability.  And increasing strength and speed helps build confidence.
  • All sports benefit from increasing strength and speed.  Olympic lifts build explosive power; this translates directly to the football field or “squashing the bug” in the batter’s box.  Jumping, bounding, sprinting, and running for distance helps build cardiovascular endurance and agility.  These can be likened to sprinting from home to first, a breakaway on the soccer field, Track’s 800M, or boxing out under the hoop and grabbing a rebound.  CrossFit is a wonderful supplement to organized middle and high school sports.
  • Finally, our CrossFit classes will give your youth or teen the opportunity to interact with kids from different schools.

We hope that you’ll find our CrossFit Teens Program educational, safe, and beneficial to the health and well-being of your youth or teen.

My teen doesn’t play sports. Is that OK? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.
Check out this article, Is CrossFit right for my teen if they do not play sports? Hint, the answer is “yes”!!


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