Tara Leslie

Coach / Owner
Tara Leslie


  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer (CF-L1), est 2012


Unlike many of my fellow trainers, I did not grow up loving, or even liking, physical activity of any kind. Five years ago at age 29 my husband, Dave, tells me I should consider giving this CrossFit thing a try. My first workout with Kaleena Rosado left me dripping in sweat, barely able to walk down the stairs. But little did I know that my life was forever changed after that encounter. A little spark flickered that day and with each workout I accomplished that spark grew to where a fire raged within. The physical and mental satisfaction that came with each WOD was something I can’t even put into words. CrossFit has changed my life and has become a part of me. My husband, Dave, and I have had the pleasure of helping family and friends experience CrossFit, holding daily workout sessions in our basement and driveway for years, often times with our three children working out alongside of us. CrossFit is now a big part of their lives as well.

In September, 2012 we made the decision to team up with Kaleena to open CrossFit Vertex. We were certified in November 2012 establishing ourselves as official CrossFit Vertex Coaches/Co-Owners. One of the greatest things about being a trainer is having the opportunity to encourage others on their fitness journey. I know what CrossFit has done for me and I love nothing more than watching others grow just as I did. I am still evolving as an athlete and trainer and I am very excited to see not only my own growth but that of our athletes and trainers as well. CrossFit is an experience like no other.

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