This is my first time in your gym, what can I expect?

Generally, anyone new to CrossFit Vertex has corresponded with our Head Coach, Kaleena and has arranged a date and time for a consultation or an Introduction Session.  Upon arriving, you’ll fill out a waiver, get a tour of the facility, and meet with your coach.  If you’re just meeting for a consultation, you’ll have a conversation about your health and fitness goals.  If you’re also attending the initial Introduction Session, you’ll discuss the workout directly with your coach.  Together you will drill the movements, warm up, and perform the workout.  You’ll then cool down a bit with some stretches or static holds.

Why is your gym more expensive than other gyms?

It’s very simple – you get what you pay for. If you’re truly prioritizing your health, then the cost of a night out shouldn’t be something that deters you.  The benefits certainly outweigh the costs:  getting healthier, a trained coaching staff who genuinely wants to see you reach your health and fitness goals, a modern, large facility with loads of equipment, clean bathrooms and showers (all bathrooms/showers are solitary), and a motivating, like-minded fitness community to hold you accountable.

What’s your drop-in policy?

If you’ve got three months (or more) of CrossFit experience, you’re welcome to drop-in during our CrossFit Group Class Schedule.  The rate is $20.  This allows you to join any of our CrossFit classes plus the use of our Open Gym space (the “Annex”).  Our weekly drop-in rate is $45

Before dropping in, we ask that you reach out to us by filling out any of the contact forms on the website, by messaging us on Facebook Messenger, or by texting (570) 677-2476 (Kaleena, Owner / Head Coach).  If you’re attending a class, please try to be ten minutes early so you can fill out a waiver.  We have protein bars, FitAID, water, and pre-workout powders for sale.

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Our coaches provide an accommodating and stress free fitness experience. You start with the basics and learn at your own pace.