CrossFit Kids

Fitness made fun for kids ages 5 - 11

CrossFit Kids is a wonderful way to get our young ones up and active in a safe, supervised setting. Our coaches have experience working with toddlers and adolescents in the classroom, on the field, and in the gym.

Our CrossFit Kids Program includes:

    • A structured way to introduce the CrossFit methodologies to kids safely, effectively, and appropriately (ages 5-11 on Wednesday evenings @ 6PM).
    • Effective, efficient and safe! We teach kids to move better, and with that they will be able to move faster more safely. This may improve performance at other sports and most definitely helps build confidence. But a main goal of CrossFit Kids is to always perfect movement. We teach and focus on mechanics.
    • From preschool to teens, fun is a must. We are trying to get kids to buy into the idea that fitness and fun are synonymous. When kids see the gym, they should think fun.
    • Pairing fitness with fun is essential in setting a child on a lifetime path of fitness!
    • Parents and guardians are welcome to watch each class and are welcome to ask our coaches questions.
    • We also have a Kids Room when it’s your turn to work out.

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