Group-based, instructor led fitness classes

CrossFit is a fitness regimen characterized by the following:

  • Safe, effective, and varied exercise
  • Group classes – education and motivation from coaches and other members
  • Logical and in-moderation nutrition
  • A community of folks who care about health and wellness outside of the gym
  • Individually tailored fitness movement and intensity
  • Sport

At CrossFit Vertex, we use CrossFit to help our members accomplish their health and fitness related goals:  improved health, weight loss, gaining strength, and better performance in CrossFit as a sport or other sports (marathon running, football, martial arts conditioning, etc.).

The program truly does work for everyone:  folks who are just starting out and those who have trained for years.

Our CrossFit classes can help you achieve the following:

  • Deadlift, squat, and press safely and efficiently. Proper technique along with intensity will help you get stronger
  • Increase max reps of strict pull-ups, kipping pull-ups, bar muscle-ups, and other gymnastics style movements
  • Securely and confidently climb and descend a rope
  • Take body weight movements, like push-ups, squats, and lunges, to a new level
  • Decrease mile, 5K, and 10K times
  • Build explosive power through the use of Olympic Lifts like the Clean & Jerk

Unlimited CrossFit Memberships

1 Year | 6 Months | Month to Month Options

$105/mo with one year contract
$115/mo with six month contract
$125/mo Month to Month, no contract


  • Unlimited classes per week
  • All classes led by a CF-L1 Instructor
  • Open Gym periods and Team workouts included

One year and six month memberships require electronic payment

Unlimited CrossFit w/ Annex Gym

Unlimited Open Gym | Mobility Pain Cave

All Unlimited CrossFit FEATURES Plus…

  • Unlimited Open Gym periods in the Annex Gym during operating hours
  • Access to the ROM WOD Mobility Pain Cave; Padded Floors
  • Additional equipment not available in the Main Gym
I’m Ready for the Annex

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