Personal Training

One-on-one session with an instructor

At CrossFit Vertex, we follow the CrossFit methodology of training.  We keep a schedule a Group Classes Monday through Sunday.

However, we realize that training in a group setting isn’t for everyone.  Oftentimes, a more focused approach helps one achieve fitness-related goals more quickly.  For this purpose, we offer a personal training program:  Vertex 1 ON 1

Because CrossFit is at the core of everything we do, it’s important to understand some it’s characteristics.  CrossFit is a fitness regimen that embodies the following:

  • Safe, effective, and varied exercise
  • Group classes – education and motivation from coaches and other members
  • Logical and in-moderation nutrition
  • A community of folks who care about health and wellness inside and outside of the gym
  • Individually tailored fitness movements, workouts, and intensity levels
  • Sport (for those who like to compete)

What is Vertex 1 ON 1?

The Vertex 1 ON 1 personal training program is just that – you work one on one with one of our experienced trainers. Maybe you want to get stronger? Maybe you want to lose weight? Maybe you can do a pull-up but now want to climb a rope? Perhaps you have just a little fear of getting inverted but want to nail down that elusive “Hand-stand Push-up”. The point of the program is to tailor it to your needs and goals.


How do I get started?

  • If you already have a fitness or nutrition related goal in mind, write it down and define what success looks like.  Don’t worry, we’ll further home in on the goal criteria during the initial 1 ON 1 conversation.
  • If you’re having trouble defining a goal, we can help!  Whether it’s losing weight, starting a nutrition plan (and learning what “macros” are), or increasing back squat strength, we have the plan!
  • When you’re ready to book a 1 ON 1 Personal Training session, submit your request here: BOOK 1 ON 1 Personal Training Session.
  • If you’ve got additional questions, you can reach our coaching staff by filling out the form below or by texting our head trainer at (570)-677-2476.


Do you have 2-4 friends who are interested in working directly with a coach?
See what our Semi Private Training sessions are all about:  Semi-private Training Session.


Experienced CrossFitter and just dropping in?  Click here.

Feel free to submit questions using the form below. Thank you!

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