Introduction To CrossFit

Small group, introduction-to-CrossFit sessions

Take a breath. It is perfectly OK if don’t have any fitness experience. Every member at CrossFit Vertex started as a beginner.

We on-ramp all folks new to the program using small group introductory sessions. All skills are safely learned with a coach. You practice technique before intensity. And as you enter regular classes (available Mon-Sat) the education and coaching continues.

Every single class is staffed with CF-L1 trainer who guides you through warm-up, detailed instruction, and the workout. All exercise movements can be tailored or modified to an individual’s fitness skill level.

For those of you who do practice some form of fitness, whether organized sports, marathon running, biking, climbing, and the like, use the Introductory Sessions to see what CrossFit Vertex can really offer.

If you’re interested in learning more about Olympic Lifting, rope climbing, or increasing your pull-up max, you can forge these skills (and more) at CrossFit Vertex.

Many folks train CrossFit to improve in another sport – basketball, football and baseball are good examples. And it’s great for teens and young adults who need a push to get active.

Introductory Session

Learn Fundamentals | Safe Functional Movement

All Intro Sessions are scheduled through our head trainer.


  • All those new to CrossFit are guided through three Introduction Sessions
  • Participants learn basic fundamentals and movement patterns
  • Workout intensity is built slowly and tailored toward the participant’s ability
  • All trainers are CrossFit Level 1 Certified
  • 1 on 1 or Small Group settings
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